Terms Of Use - Outdoor Fitness


  1. Only Residents and their guests are allowed to use the Outdoor Fitness.
  2. Before using any equipment for the first time, users must familiarize themselves with the equipment by reading the instructions provided to avoid any misuse or damage to the equipment or cause injury to other users.
  3. Children under the age of twelve (12) years are not allowed in the Outdoor Fitness area unless accompanied by adults.
  4. Children using the fitness equipment must be supervised by their parent/guardian who shall be responsible for their safety.
  5. Persons unfit/unwell or with infectious/communicable disease shall not use the Outdoor Fitness.
  6. All persons must leave the Outdoor Fitness area during heavy rain and thunderstorm.
  7. The Management shall not be responsible for any mishaps, injuries or loss of life, limb or property sustained by the Residents or their guests when using the Outdoor Fitness.