Terms Of Use - Multi-purpose cum Digital Games room


  1. Opening hours are divided into 2 sessions daily:

    Day session : 9.00am to 3.00pm
    Evening session : 4.00pm to 10.00pm

  2. The maximum number of guests per apartment units who may use the Multi-purpose cum Digital Games room  shall not exceed 35 persons during each session.
  3. Subject to residents’ demand, the Management reserves the right to allow only one booking per apartment unit within every two weeks.
  4. When booking the BBQ pit, resident shall deposit a sum of S$150.00 per pit with the Management.  Crossed cheque is preferred.  The deposit shall be refunded, free of interest after the event if the BBQ pit and its surrounding area used are handed over in a clean and satisfactory condition as determined by the Management and without damage to any part of it including proper disposal of all rubbish. Should the Management incur any costs for repair or additional charges, such costs will be deducted from the deposit and the balance refunded free of interest. However, if such costs and additional charges exceed the amount deposited, the residents will have to pay the difference. When claiming the refund, the receipt issued at the time of the booking must be returned to the Management.
  5. Bookings for the Multi-purpose cum Digital Games Room shall be made on a first come first serve basis up to 60 days in advance upon payment of the deposit.  Bookings are subject to the Management’s approval on the purpose of use.
  6. Cancellation of bookings must be made at least seven (7) days before the date booked and should be made personally to the Management.  Failure to cancel the booking in time would result in forfeiture of the deposit.
  7. Bookings are not transferrable.
  8. The Multi-Purpose cum Digital Games Room can only be used for birthday parties or any other social functions approved by the Management. It cannot be used for gambling, religious, political, commercial, illegal or immoral activities. Private classes, committee and organizational meetings, sales talks or company gatherings in the Multi- purpose cum Digital Games Room  requires the approval of the Management Council.
  9. The Management reserves the right to use the Multi-purpose cum Digital Games Room for official matters.
  10. No live band music or mobile discos are permitted in the Multi-purpose cum Digital Games Room.
  11. No cooking or washing of utensils are allowed in the Multi-purpose cum Digital Games Room.
  12. No rowdy behaviour is allowed and noise level should be kept to a minimum.
  13. No smoking, skating, skateboarding, cycling or any ball games are permitted in the Multi-purpose cum Digital Games Room.
  14. No pets and persons in swimming attire are permitted in the Multi –purpose cum Digital Games Room.
  15. Residents shall be responsible for the good conduct of their guests during the period of use.
  16. The area must be kept in a clean and tidy condition during and after use.
  17. These rules and regulations are subject to revision at the discretion of the Management as and when necessary.
  18. That the Function Room charges to be levied at S$20.00 (including GST) per session with effect from 01 October 2017.
  19. Additional chairs is / are optional to be rented upon prior request made to the Management Office for Function Room and / or BBQ pit booking at S$0.50 (including GST) per chair per session with effect from 1 October 2017.
  20. Residents who book the Multi-purpose cum Digital Games Room via e-portal is required to make deposit / payment within 7 days of booking